Itsua – Beat Salad Vol.II


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Product: CD

Artist: Itsua
Album: Beat Salad Vol.II
Physical Release Date: February 8, 2010

  1. Borrowed Salad
  2. Lady’s Salad
  3. Videogame Salad
  4. Remembering Lenguatrapo
  5. Don’t Play Whit The Salad
  6. Star Salad (I See…In The Night)
  7. Lady’s Like My Salad (Hot & Sweet)
  8. Hot Mariachi Salad
  9. Itsua’s Special Salad
  10. Closed To You
  11. The Hustler
  12. Lost In The Jungle (GW Theme)
  13. Eat My Mango!
  14. Cocktail For Dougoutigui
  15. Bissap
  16. The Frontline (Africa)
  17. Childrem Of The Salad
  18. Demitasse Dakar
  19. Understanding The Salad
  20. Neon Salad
  21. Tomorrow Salad
  22. Mamadouse Banana Glace
  23. I_TS_A
  24. I Repeat…Where Is My Salad!?
  25. Back In
  26. Free Now!
  27. Dreams Of My Princess
  28. Every Day…Salad
  29. I Only Eat Your Salad (One For Papi)
  30. 2010 Odyssey In The Salad
  31. Old Feeling
  32. Full Of Hate Full Of $alad
  33. Creation Of The Salad
  34. Condimento
  35. Only Whit Salad
  36. El Maestro Salad (One For Babou)
  37. Ozpina
  38. I Have Your Number
  39. Put Your Hands In The Salad (One For The Soldier)
  40. Where Peacefull


Itsua, taking a salad as a source of inspiration and using all types of music, challenges himself to create an album with many different ingredients.
The result; a brilliant example of what can be achieved armed with just a sampler, a few studio toys and a salad of imagination.
Produced Record And Mixed By Itsua
Photo & Artwork By Alberto Santos Bellido



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