Itsua – Beat Salad Vol.III


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Product: CD

Artist: Itsua
Album: Beat Salad Vol.III
Physical Release Date: April 8, 2011

  1. No Time To Run From The Salad
  2. Weak Without Wine
  3. Paying 69
  4. Every Day
  5. Crocanti Brothers
  6. Back In The Game (Serious)
  7. Crazy Panties
  8. Oh Yeah…Baby
  9. Mariachi Salad Revenge
  10. No Entiendes La Onda (Genesis Brass Band)
  11. So Real (Representing The Salad)
  12. Durango Crocanti Salad
  13. La Revolución
  14. Take It Back From My Salad
  15. Green Smoke Salad (Mojo Men)
  16. Mr. Troublemaker
  17. Mystic Fox (All My Respect)
  18. Medieval Attack (Salad Club Mix)
  19. No Es Por Ese Agujero (Crocanti Playing)
  20. Rastreator Team
  21. Street Playerz
  22. Pornophonic Salad (For My MAN P)
  23. The Touch Of The Ortiz
  24. Homies From The D
  25. Geum Sa Bop
  26. Far Away
  27. King Salad (Lost In The India)
  28. Public Bitches
  29. Ghetto Story
  30. If You Want To Me…Eat Salad!
  31. Yefu Djiine
  32. Maki’n Some Noise
  33. Legendary Salad
  34. On The Move (Green)
  35. High Class Salad
  36. The Drummer
  37. Ok…The SALAD Is…Death


Another compilation of Salad.
Produced, recorded and mixed by Itsua
Photo & artwork by Alberto Santos Bellido



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